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Whats open at Waldameer?

Whats open at Waldameer?

Waldameer & Water World/Opened

Is waldameer good for toddlers?

Waldameer & Water World has over 100 rides, slides, and attractions for kids of all ages! From our Kiddieland rides, where kids can ride with their parents, to the 8th Best Wooden Coaster in the World, the Ravine Flyer II, there is something for everyone!

Whats new at Waldameer?

Waldameer Park & Water World, Erie, Pennsylvania, is adding attractions to both their amusement park and their waterpark this year. They will re-introduce Whirlwind, a compact spinning coaster by SBF/Visa. This is a family ride for young children and their parents and siblings.

What are the rides at Waldameer?

Ravine Flyer II
CometSteel DragonX-ScreamRavine Flyer III
Waldameer & Water World/Rides

Does Waldameer provide towels?

7 answers. They do not provide towels. You have to bring your own towels.

Is Waldameer free to walk around?

Waldameer offers free admission into the Amusement Park. Ride admission may be purchased as an all-day wristband, or rides may be paid for individually with a Wally Card. Everyone entering Water World must purchase a wristband based on height.

Does waldameer have a lazy river?

A trip to this magical water park near Pittsburgh that boasts a relaxing lazy river. The massive water playground features water slides, a tipping bucket, and dozens of other water attractions. Facebook/Waldameer & Water World. Then, slow the pace down with a leisurely jaunt along the Endless River.

Is there a wave pool at Waldameer?

Water World’s Giant Wave Pool is filled with endless fun for the whole family! Holding almost 500,000 gallons and accommodating up to 1,000 people, this wave pool is the largest in the tri-state area. With 4′ high waves and zero-depth entry, this gigantic pool will keep everyone cooled off on hot summer days!

How many coasters does waldameer have?

Waldameer & Water World

Total 36
Roller coasters 5
Water rides 1

Does Waldameer have a lazy river?

Is waldameer free to walk around?

How tall is the log ride at Waldameer?

It opened in 1996, replacing Mill Run. This ride has two drops….More videos on YouTube.

Waldameer Location Erie, Pennsylvania, United States Status Operating since 1996 Height restriction 36 inches accompanied / 42 inches unaccompanied
Manufacturer Hopkins
Product Log Flume
Capacity 4 riders per boat

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