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When building a deck What are the requirements?

When building a deck What are the requirements?


  • 36 “minimum height when surface is 30” + above grade.
  • 200 lb concentrated load.
  • 50 lb concentrated load over 1 sqft or balusters.
  • 50 lbf vertical and horizontal load along top rail.
  • 4 “maximum gap between deck and underside of bottom rail.
  • 4 “maximum gap between balusters.

What is code for deck joists?

Most decks use 16″ on center spacing for joists. Most decking is not strong enough to support longer spans than 16″. Some builders reduce joist spacing to 12″ on center to strengthen the deck frame or to increase maximum allowable joist spans.

What is the code for deck posts?

The posts should be a minimum 4×4 size and be solidly anchored to the deck joist and rim joist of the structure. Use two through-bolts and a metal tension tie for the upper bolt connection. If a deck’s guard-posts anchoring does not have a minimum allowable tension load of 1,800 lbs.

Which species are allowed for wood joists spaced 16 inches on center?

R502. 3.1 Sleeping areas and attic joists E .

16 Hem-fir 18-10
Hem-fir 17-7
Hem-fir 13-6
Southern pine 22-10

How far can a 2×10 beam span without support?

How Far Can a 2×10 Beam or Header Span? A 2×10 beam – made up of two 2x10s nailed together – can span up to 11′ without support beneath a deck that is 4′ wide. For a more normal-sized deck, the same beam can span 8′, supporting a deck that is 8′ wide. You can also triple a 2×10 beam.

Can I use 2×8 for deck joists?

2×8 for joists will be fine, with 16″ OC. Should use 2×10 for beams but 2×8 will be fine as well. If you are worried you can triple the 2×8 for the beams but double will be sufficient. You should put the beams at 7 and 14 feet out from the house, with the piers you should do 3 per beam with spacing of 1, 7, 13.

Can I use 4×4 posts for my deck?

In the past, many decks were built with 4×4 support posts (also called structural posts). But these can bow seriously, even if a deck is only 3 feet off the ground. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you use 6x6s instead, even if your building department does not demand them.

Do deck blocks meet code?

Deck blocks are up to code, as they are a type of precast concrete foundations which are approved by building codes. However, local building code offices may not permit the use of deck blocks if the soil is prone to frost heaves, or there is a tendency for high or uplift winds.

What are the International Building codes?

– International Private Sewage Disposal Code (IPSDC) – International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) – International Residential Code (IRC) – International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) – International Wildland Urban Interface Code (IWUIC) – International Zoning Code (IZC)

What is the International Building Code (IBC)?

Safety – It has a proven track record providing safe and sanitary plumbing installations.

  • Ease of Use – This code uses the same easy-to-use format provided in all I-Codes
  • Embrace of New Technology – This code and its predecessors have a tradition of innovation while protecting the health and safety of the public.
  • What are IBC building construction codes?

    – a. Roof supports: Fire-resistance ratings of primary structural frame and bearing walls are permitted to be reduced by 1 hour where supporting a roof only. – b. Except in Group F-1, H, M and S-1 occupancies, fire protection of structural members shall not be required, including protection of roof framing and decking where every part of – c. – d. – e. – f.

    Can I build a roof deck?

    Your deck plans likely call for posts to be set on each post base to be bolted to the deck framing later.

  • If plans call for posts,cut them a few inches above the finished height of the deck framing.
  • Set the posts in the post base and attach with appropriate post-base hardware nails or screws.
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