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When was stamp on the ground made?

When was stamp on the ground made?

September 25, 2009
“Stamp on the Ground” is a song by German dance group ItaloBrothers. The song was released in Germany as a digital download on September 25, 2009. The song has charted in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

How old are ItaloBrothers?

The young songwriters and producers called Zachi and Chris make up the band ItaloBrothers. Zachi (Zacharias Adrian, 23) was born in Cologne and is now living in Nordhorn, the place where Kris (Kristian Sandberg aka Christian Müller, 26) and their singer Matze (Matthias Metten, 18) were born and still reside as well.

What BPM is stamp on the ground?

Stamp on the Ground – Radio Edit is a moody song by ItaloBrothers with a tempo of 150 BPM.

What genre is ItaloBrothers?

Deep house

Who sings stamp on the ground?

ItaloBrothersStamp on the Ground / Artist

What is stamp foot?

to stamp one’s feet: to hit one’s feet against the ground (usually in anger or frustration)

Why are they called ItaloBrothers?

After two long years of hard and experimental work in the studio, they founded their own dance act, heavily influenced by their so-called Italo-Style. Small wonder that they decided to call themselves ItaloBrothers! With their next huge track “Counting Down The Days“ ItaloBrothers already gained international notice.

Where are the ItaloBrothers from?

Nordhorn, GermanyItaloBrothers / Origin

ItaloBrothers is a German dance project from Nordhorn, Germany. The band consists of vocalist Matthias Metten, who works in the studio with Zacharias Adrian (also known as Zac McCrack) and Christian Müller (also known as Kristian Sandberg).

What is the difference between stomping and stamping?

As verbs the difference between stamp and stomp is that stamp is to step quickly and heavily, once or repeatedly while stomp is (ambitransitive) to trample heavily.

What’s the difference between stamp and stomp your feet?

The verb “stamp” takes a direct object, while “stomp” usually takes an indirect object. This means that you can stamp YOUR FEET, but you cannot stamp TO somewhere.

Are the ItaloBrothers still alive?

However as of 2020, Matthias is the remaining member and uses Italobrothers as his stage name….

Years active 2005–present
Labels Zooland Kontor Ultra SME
Associated acts Manian Yanou Tune Up! Carlprit

Is it stamping ground or stomping ground?

To answer your question directly (for a change), both “stamping grounds” and “stomping grounds” (as well as either phrase with the singular form “ground”) are fine, and both mean, in general usage, “a place where a person or group usually hangs out; a general area in which a person or particular group of people can …

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