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Where are BD pen needles made?

Where are BD pen needles made?

BD is the largest employer in Phelps County. Across Nebraska, BD employs more than 2,500 associates in four manufacturing facilities in Holdrege, Broken Bow and two in Columbus.

What is BD pen needle used for?

BD Ultra-Fine™ and BD Ultra-Fine Nano™ pen needles utilize advanced technologies to optimize the comfort of insulin injections. Available in different sizes, they enable pediatric, adult and obese patients to inject into the fat layer, just below the skin’s surface, to avoid intramuscular (IM) injections.

Are insulin pen needles universal?

Fortunately, most of them are universally compatible with other brands of insulin pens. Their needles use their special “SuperFlow Technology” to improve the flow of insulin through the thin needle and reduce the force of insulin going into your body.

How do I choose an insulin pen needle?

Pen needles come in 29 G to 32 G, and the higher the gauge, the thinner the needle. The pen needle thickness is mainly relevant if you inject a large amount of insulin at a time, as you might want a needle with a lower gauge that will allow more insulin to flow through faster.

Are Becton and Dickinson syringes accurate?

Becton Dickinson Syringes and BD Needles are accurate and precision made. BD Medical is well known for their Ultrafine Needle to reduce patient discomfort. In addition to syringes, Becton and Dickinson also manufacturers lancets and BD Needle Clippers.

Is Becton Dickinson a good brand?

Becton Dickinson is one of the top manufacturers of medical sharps supplies, with a presence in almost 50 countries worldwide. Becton Dickinson is also known as BD Medical or Becton and Dickinson. Becton Dickinson products include syringes, needles and sharps disposal. Becton Dickinson is well respected and well known among medical professionals.

What are pen needles used for in diabetes?

Pen Needles. Almost all people with diabetes now use a pen device to inject. They’re a convenient way to deliver a precise dose with minimum fuss.

What kind of needle do you use for insulin injections?

Pen Needles. Increasingly, newly diagnosed people with diabetes as well as experienced insulin syringe users are choosing the insulin pen as their preferred choice of injection device. BD Micro-Fine™ Pen Needles are designed for single use and are available on prescription in three different needle lengths.

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