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Where can I find peat moss?

Where can I find peat moss?

Peat moss is found in bogs — swampy, mucky, waterlogged areas primarily located in the northern hemisphere. In fact, Canada, Finland, Ireland, and Russia are the primary sources for the commercial product, according to Marianne C. Ophardt at the Washington State University Extension.

Can you still buy peat moss?

Pure, compressed bales of sphagnum peat moss are sold to consumers, but in mixtures for containers and seed starting, peat moss is generally blended with inert minerals to improve its moisture- and nutrient-holding qualities: perlite, a volcanic glass, or vermiculite, a mica.

Why is peat moss being banned?

As a soil amendment, which is what the baled product is mostly sold for, peat moss is also a poor choice. It breaks down too fast, compressing and squeezing air out of the soil, creating an unhealthy condition for plant roots. The biggest problem with peat moss is that it’s environmentally bankrupt.

How much does a bale of peat moss cost?

Peat Moss Bale

Quantity Price
1 – 29 $18.50
30 + $12.35

What can I use instead of peat moss?

Peat Moss Alternatives

  • Coconut Coir. Coconut coir, also known as coco peat or coir peat, is rapidly gaining popularity and is the best-known alternative to peat moss.
  • Wood-Based Materials.
  • Compost.
  • Pine Needles.
  • Rice Hulls.
  • Leaf Mold.
  • Composted Manure.

Does Lowe’s carry peat moss?

Premier Premier Peat Moss Organic Peat Moss Moisture Control in the Soil Amendments department at

Is peat still extracted in the UK?

As peat extraction has declined in the UK, we have increased imports from Ireland, effectively exporting much of the environmental impact.

Is Spanish moss the same as peat moss?

Spanish moss resembles a stringy lichen or fungus. Decomposed sphagnum is sold as peat or peat moss and is used as a soil conditioner to improve the texture, drainage or moisture content of top soils.

How many bags of peat moss are needed?

To lay 2 inches of peat moss, you will need one 3.8 foot bale of peat moss for every 45 square feet of area. If you purchase uncompressed peat moss, figure the volume you require instead of calculating the area. Using the same example, to apply 2 inches of peat moss to the same area, multiply 40 by 60 by .

How do you gather moss?

Moss can be scooped with bare hands, or with a trowel, or a flat kitchen flipper tool, and gloves. Use a basket or other container to carry the collected Moss. The ideal time to collect moss is when it is moist. Pick up a patch of moss that doesn’t have too much grass or other plants.

Can you buy rolls of moss?

You can generally buy live moss at specialty garden shops and craft stores. Wholesale moss is generally sold at a bulk price at $1/pound. Small retail packages of live moss for sale sell for about $10/pound.

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