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Where can I see my YouTube achievements?

Where can I see my YouTube achievements?

To share or download any achievement, just click on ‘Achievements’ in the left hand navigation bar of most YouTube pages (as long as you have installed the free vidIQ extension).

Are Xbox achievements worth anything?

Each individual achievement is worth a certain number of points, which is conferred toward your overall Gamerscore. Typically, achievement scores come in multiples of five, ranging from 5 to over 100. You can unlock achievements in Xbox 360 games, Xbox One games, and select first-party Microsoft games on PC.

Does Netflix have achievements on Xbox?

You CAN rate the same title 250 times to unlock this achievement, though you must do this on your Xbox One. Even though the ratings you submit on your other devices are apparent on the Xbox One app, all 250 must be done on your Xbox One.

Do you get a plaque for 10000 subs?

You’ll need a minimum of 10,000 subscribers to access these dedicated locations, though. However, when you hit what YouTube considers “major” milestones, you can be eligible for actual, tangible plaques that denote these accolades.

How can I get Vidiq certificate?

Click on any of the key achievement boxes to instantly create an achievement or certificate to share on social media. In the example above, we hit 125,000 likes in December of 2018 — an achievement we shared with our Twitter followers.

What is the average Gamerscore on Xbox 2021?

Microsoft has revealed that the average Xbox LIVE user has a gamerscore of 11,286. Interesting, but the highest gamerscore stands at over 540k!

How do you get Netflix achievements on Xbox one?

Netflix Achievements

  1. Newbie Reviewer. Rate 5 titles.
  2. Big City Critic. Rate 25 titles.
  3. Rampaging Reviewer. Rate 100 titles.
  4. The Ultimate Opinion. Rate 250 titles.
  5. Triple Play. Watch 3 episodes in a row on Netflix.
  6. Just One More Episode… Watch 5 episodes in a row on Netflix.
  7. Can’t Get Enough of This Show!
  8. One Week Wonder.

Why is Netflix successful?

Netflix is very successful because they exactly know what customers want, when they want it and on what device. Also, the company is bold and courageous enough to keep changing their business model into the most optimal future and not afraid to cannibalize their current business model.

Where to find Xbox achievements?

Launch the Xbox App on your iOS or Android device.

  • Click your GamerPic in the bottom right corner and select ‘Achievements’ in the top menu.
  • Here you’ll be able to see game achievement stats for each game,including: points earned,possible points available,number of achievements earned,and percentage of achievements earned.
  • What do Xbox achievements do?

    see your achievements. on a Windows 10device Select My games from the menu,choose the game,andthen select Achievements.

  • Xbox Live. Free membership,which used tobe called Silver,costs nothing but has limited features.
  • You can play online. It is possible to play withfriends on silver xbox live.
  • How to check Xbox achievements?

    – Sign in at – Select your profile icon in the upper-right corner, and then select Xbox profile > Achievements. – Select the title of the achievement that you’re trying to unlock. – If the achievement appears under Achievements, it’s already unlocked.

    What are Xbox Live achievements?

    the invention of Achievements and Gamerscore, the meta narrative of your profile across all games, and the harrowing nature of voiced game-chat. And if the term XBOX LIVE doesn’t make one think of that then it conjures up memories of the early days and

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