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Where can you use as well in a sentence?

Where can you use as well in a sentence?

Example Sentences

  • The car as well as the bike need a mechanic for maintenance to keep it running well.
  • She is always around at their house, she may as well just declare it home.
  • I like the chocolates that you brought as well as the ones that my mother gave me.
  • I may as well quit my job now and start my own business.

What is another way to say I like?

Ways To Say I LIKE IT

> I like it. > I love it.
> I’m passionate about it. > It goes down well.
> I can’t get enough of it. > I fancy it / her.
> I have got a soft spot for it. > I’m fond of it.
> I am into it. > I’m mad about it.

How use as well as in English grammar?

As well as means ‘in addition to’….

  1. She is greedy as well as dishonest.
  2. He as well as his sister is well-educated.
  3. Peter as well as his friend is innocent.
  4. Animals as well as plants need food to survive.
  5. The cow as well as the goat gives us milk.
  6. Elephants are found in India as well as in Africa.

Is like a formal word?

In formal writing, like is used as a preposition, telling where, when or how the noun in the sentence is doing whatever it may be doing. As is used as a conjunction, joining two clauses.

What is another word for for example?

What is another word for for example?

case in point for instance
to illustrate namely
to give an example to give an instance
viz. i.e.
specifically take for example

What can I say instead of just like?

Synonyms for just like in English just like; like; as well as; equally; and also; just as; as much; such as; as.

What words can replace as?

What is another word for as?

since because
forasmuch being
cause considering that
inasmuch as seeing as
seeing that as long as
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