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Where is Pearson headquarters?

Where is Pearson headquarters?

London, United KingdomPearson / Headquarters

What are Pearson products?


  • Academic Learning. Test academic skills, reading readiness, oral reading, language comprehension, math skills, and other basic skills.
  • Behavior. Identify emotional and behavioral issues and effectively plan and monitor interventions.
  • Career Planning. Tools to help align interests and skills with career options.

Is Pearson a corporation?

Pearson North America is headquartered at 330 Hudson in New York City, New York….Pearson Education.

Parent company Pearson plc
Publication types Textbooks
No. of employees 32,000 (2020)
Official website

Is Pearson a good publisher?

Despite a number of challenges, Pearson continued its reign as the world’s largest book publisher in 2017. The U.K.-based educational publisher topped this year’s Livres Hebdo/Publishers Weekly annual ranking with sales of over $6 billion.

Is Pearson private or public?

Pearson, a British multi-national conglomerate, is one of the largest private businesses maneuvering for U.S. education dollars. The company had net earnings of 956 million pounds or approximately 1.5 billion dollars in 2011.

What does Pearson company do?

The Company offers business information, education materials and technologies, and consumer publishing markets. Pearson serves customers throughout the world. NO. OF EMPLOYEES

What is the USDOT number for Pearson&Pearson?

Pearson & Pearson, Inc. is an active carrier operating under USDOT Number 2447949. Does Pearson & Pearson, Inc. transport Hazardous Material?

How old is Pearson Education?

Pearson Education, Inc. filed as a Foreign For-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas on Thursday, January 2, 1947 and is approximately seventy-five years old, according to public records filed with Texas Secretary of State.

Does Pearson have another company listed as an officer?

Pearson Education, Inc. has another company listed as an officer. It is not uncommon for one company to hold a position in another company. Pearson Education, Inc. is listed as an officer in two other companies. What next?

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