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Where is therm-a-rest made?

Where is therm-a-rest made?

Nestled between the Cascade mountain range and Puget Sound, our design and manufacturing facilities have been crafting the finest sleeping pads and camp gear since 1972. We take a lot of pride in the fact that we’ve kept manufacturing in our hometown of Seattle.

How long does a thermarest last?

My orange Thermarests lasted about 26 seasons or regular use, were always stored rolled and inflated by mouth. I had patched them a couple of times with the provided kit. Ultimately, the rubberized bladder coating fails and they just won’t hold air. Our REI thermarest knock-offs are 4 seasons old and doing fine.

Who makes Therm-a-Rest?

Cascade Designs
Therm-a-Rest began as a line of self-inflating camping mattresses, invented in the early-1970s by two former Boeing engineers and avid backpackers. The company was initially named Cascade Designs, which is now the parent company of Therm-a-Rest and other outdoor brands….Therm-a-Rest.

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Is Therm-a-Rest made in Ireland?

We operate our European hub of manufacturing in Midleton, Ireland. In 1985, after touring the length and breadth of Ireland, our founder John Burroughs, saw an old, shut-down wool factory that had the space and historical charm he was looking for.

What is the neoair micro pump?

The NeoAir Micro Pump is a compact and powerful electronic pump to inflate your Therm-a-Rest pad with a WingLock or TwinLock valve. Tiny yet powerful, the NeoAir Micro Pump will inflate your pad quickly saving you precious time at camp.

How big is the pump on the neoair winglock?

The 2.3 oz (65 g) pump uses two AAA batteries to inflate your WingLock or TwinLock in minutes. If you have a NeoAir pad with a WingLock valve, the handy pump can also deflate your mattress before packing it up and hitting the trail.

Should I get a mini pump for my air mattress?

Be aware, these mini pumps are designed for camping pads not major bedroom sized air mattresses. Let it run for about a minute then with a couple of puffs you pad is good to go. Better than huffing for a minute.Get one and reduce a stressor in your camp setup.

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