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Where should my education go on my resume?

Where should my education go on my resume?

For placement on your resume, think about where you are in your career and what you want to emphasize. If education is the most prominent part of your experience, place it towards the top. If you have several years of experience, you may want to place education below that.

Should I put workshops on my resume?

If the workshop you`ve attended is relevant to the job you`re applying for, go for it, mention this workshop. Originally Answered: Should I add details of workshops attended by me in my resume? If they are relevant for your profession then you should definetly list them.

Should you put your high school on your Linkedin?

Fix it: First, only provide information that’s relevant to where you’re taking your career. That may or may not include your academic background (and definitely should NOT include your high school info). Second, experiment with different search combinations based upon what’s in your profile.

Does LinkedIn have an age limit?

LinkedIn does not perform nor employs individuals to perform these services. You must be at least 18 years of age to offer, perform or procure these services.

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