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Which Mercedes has balance shaft problems?

Which Mercedes has balance shaft problems?

Balance shaft gear problems are most typical among V6 piston engines, primarily the Mercedes M272 in models manufactured between the years 2004–2008. Furthermore, the symptoms may come on suddenly around more than halfway to your 100,000–mile engine check–up.

When did Mercedes fix the balance shaft issue?

The Settlement Effective Date is October 20, 2015.

What is balance shaft failure?

Failure of the balance shaft leaves the inner components of your engine unsecured and therefore will ultimately result in damage to the engine if left unchecked. Driving at high speeds for long periods can agitate the problem even further due to the constant vibrations without a proper securing mechanism.

How do I know if my balance shaft is not working?

Symptoms of Balance Shaft Gear Failure Some of the first signs you will notice include rough idling and rough running. As you continue to drive, you might notice that your engine starts to stall unexpectedly or your engine misfires. As you accelerate you might hear an intense rattling noise.

How much is a balance shaft?

Labor costs are estimated between $298 and $376 while parts are priced at $64. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed. This range is an average across all vehicles on the road.

Can you replace a balance shaft?

If you believe your balance shaft belt is damaged, have one of our expert mechanics inspect and replace it if necessary. The best time to do this is during your timing belt replacement so you can catch it before it breaks.

What do balance shafts do?

[149 Pages Report] A balance shaft is designed to rotate and vibrate in a way that reduces the vibration produced by an engine. Balance shafts are commonly used for engine refinement. Four cylinder engines use a tow shaft, which turns in opposite directions on either side of engine’s crankshaft.

What is a balance shaft gear?

Your balance shaft gear is part of your engine, the component that balances out all the other components within your engine. The balance shaft gear tends to manifest with issues in vehicles with the V6 piston engine, primarily the Mercedes M272 that was manufactured between the years 2004 and 2008.

What is the purpose of a balance shaft in an engine?

What happens if balance shaft belt breaks?

If the belt fails on one, it creates excess vibration in the engine, which can cause the bearings to fail in the other balance shaft, effectively damaging the oil pump and potentially leading to catastrophic engine failure.

Why do people delete balance shafts?

Reasons to remove your balance shaft Because the balance shafts rotate at twice the engine RPM, their bearings can take quite a beating. So in terms of minimizing bearing load, the balance shafts don’t have any benefit. As such, it seems almost necessary to remove the balance shafts for a performance build.

How can I fix the balance shaft on my Mercedes Benz?

Unfortunately the fix is to remove the engine and replace the balance shaft / idler sprocket and a few other parts that are required per the Mercedes Service Bulletin S-B-03.30/08i Import Performance can help. This repair typically runs about $3,500 parts and labor. The dealership is well over $5,500 for the same repair.

When did the Mercedes M272 have balance shaft gear problems?

The balance shaft gear tends to manifest with issues in vehicles with the V6 piston engine, primarily the Mercedes M272 that was manufactured between the years 2004 and 2008. However, that doesn’t mean these were the only models that have this problem.

Is your balance shaft gear causing your engine problems?

Problems with the balance shaft gear can be very detrimental to your engine, which is why you should bring your car in as soon as you notice these problems. Even if the cause of the issue is another component in your engine, engine problems as a whole can be incredibly destructive and expensive if you don’t catch them early.

How much does it cost to repair a balance shaft gear?

If you have a worn out balance shaft gear, it simply won’t be able to do its job and it will cause damage to other parts of your engine, which will only serve to increase the repair costs. The best way to fix this problem is simply to replace the balance shaft gear. These are unfortunately expensive components, costing up to $4,000.

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