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Which MF has highest AUM?

Which MF has highest AUM?

With an Average AUM of Rs 4.47 lakh crore, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is the second largest AMC in India….Top 10 AMCs (Asset Management Companies) in India – 2021.

AMC Average AUM (July-September, 2021) (in Rs)
Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund 3 lakh crore

Which mutual fund scheme has highest AUM?

Fund House

Scheme Name Current NAV Scheme AUM ₹ Cr.
SBI – ETF Nifty 50 0.00 46,140.53
Kotak Standard Multicap Fund – Growth 0.00 16,772.08
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund – Growth 0.00 16,651.65
SBI – ETF Sensex 0.00 14,774.84

Is Iifl good mutual fund?

IIFL Asset Management is an international asset management firm that offers various mutual fund schemes. The best IIFL equity mutual funds are the riskiest mutual funds but can offer the most returns based on market performance.

What is good AUM for mutual fund?

Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a small-cap fund that has a reasonable AUM say 500 crores and above.

How do I find an AUM?

For exchange-traded funds, where shares are bought and sold through public exchanges using ticker symbols similar to individual stocks, AUM can be calculated as the price per share times the number of shares outstanding. This is the same formula used for calculating market capitalization for individual firms.

Which mutual fund has highest fund?

Top Funds

Fund Name Category Return (%)
Tata Medium Term Fund (Segregated Portfolio 1) Debt-Income 188.90
Tata Treasury Advantage Fund (Segregated Portfolio 1) Debt-Ultra Short Term 155.93
Tata Corporate Bond Fund (Segregated Portfolio 1) Debt-Ultra Short Term 117.46

Is Iifl safe for investment?

IIFL Securities is a safe, reliable, and trusted stockbroker in India. The company is a genuine stockbroker with all required certifications and memberships. The company enjoys the trust of its customers due to its strong brand, the values of the management, the best trading platforms, and its advisory services.

Is IIFL Focused Equity Fund good?

IIFL Focused Equity Fund is a good performer in the focused multi cap category. As the name says, the scheme invests in a focused or concentrated portfolio. This makes focused multi cap schemes riskier than diversified equity schemes.

What happens when AUM is high?

The impact of a large AUM affects mid cap and small cap companies. The main reason behind this, is that small cap companies invest in high growth potential companies, which are still growing . Such a situation arises when the assets under management for the given mutual fund rises beyond a certain mark.

Does AUM matter in mutual funds?

Sometimes, an equity fund’s bloating AUM can affect its performance negatively. Nevertheless, there is practically no evidence to indicate that a higher AUM affects the fund performance adversely or aids it. It is the fund manager who should grasp the market opportunities – enter or exit a stock at the ‘right’ time.

What is average AUM?

Average Assets Under Management (AAUM) of Indian Mutual Fund Industry for the month of January 2022 stood at ₹ 38,88,571 crore. Assets Under Management (AUM) of Indian Mutual Fund Industry as on January 31, 2022 stood at ₹38,01,210 crore.

Is AUM the same as NAV?

NAV shows what price shares in a fund can be bought and sold at. AUM by contrast refers to the value of assets managed by an individual or firm, not a fund. Unlike NAV, AUM is in reference to the total value of assets being managed rather than expressed on a per-share basis.

How big is IIFL Mutual Fund’s portfolio?

As of March 2018, IIFL Mutual Fund manages approximately $4.92 billion worth of assets. The AMC offers dual capabilities of offshore and onshore asset management in a genuinely diversified portfolio of funds.

What are the top performing IIFL mutual funds?

Top Performing Iifl Mutual Funds Fund Name Category Risk 1Y Returns Fund Size (in Cr) IIFL Focused Equity Fund Equity Very High 61.6% ₹ 1,823 IIFL Dynamic Bond Fund Debt Moderate 6.9% ₹ 694 IIFL Liquid Fund Debt Low to Moderate 2.9% ₹ 119 View All Top Performing Iifl Mutual Fund

How often is AUM (assets under management) published in Amfi?

Note : As per AMFI guidelines, effective from quarter ending December 31, 2010, fund houses have stopped publishing the Assets Under Management (AUM) on a monthly basis. This data is published every quarter.

Who is the Managing Director of IIFL mutual fund?

Mr. Raghavan has been associated with IIFL Mutual Fund since its inception in 2010. Along with Mr. Seth, he has built and deployed the funds managed by IIFL, especially in the Debt segment.

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