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Which spin mops have extending handles?

Which spin mops have extending handles?

Both the Mopnado and Casabella spin mops have extending handles, though their designs differ, that allow for easier pulling. Cons: While the handles on the wheeled buckets are helpful, you will still probably have to stoop to pull the bucket.

Is the Casabella spin mop the same as the mopnado mop?

“The Casabella spin mop shares many features with the Mopnado and Happinex mops. Priced similarly, it does not include any extras.” “This top spin mop has an upgraded handle and bucket for durability and ease of use. It goes head to head with the Casabella spin mop and the Mopnado but doesn’t have wheels.”

Which is the best spin MOP for hardwood floors?

Hurricane Spin Mop Home Cleaning System by BulbHead, Floor Mop with Bucket Hardwood Floor Cleaner The Hurricane spin mop uses a bucket with a pedal, like the O-Cedar. But it has its differences. The head turns 360-degrees: This is true for most of the spin mops with round heads.

What happened to my mopnado spin mop?

I purchased a Mopnado spin mop a few days ago which broke after the very first use. The handle which feeds into the green disc broke off, so the mop was completely useless.

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