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Who can use Electrostaff Swtor?

Who can use Electrostaff Swtor?

The only companion or characters in the game that are capable of using an electrostaff effectively are Kira Carsen and Nadia Grell. The Electrostaff is a willpower attributed double handed weapon that is only available to Jedi Shadows.

Where do I buy lightsaber mods Swtor?

Look for the Modification Commendation Vendor that is under the senate plaza of Coruscant. Then take a look at what items they have for sale.

How does Armour work in swtor?

armor adds to passive damage mitigation for kinetic and energy attacks only. there are four damage types in the game, the other two being internal and elemental, both of which are unmitigated by armor. each piece of armor will add to your rating based on its level.

Who makes armor mods in swtor?

Cybertech makes Armor and Mods. Aritfice makes Hilts, Color Crystals, and Enhancements. Armstech makes Barrels. I think that’s all of them.

How do you mod your lightsaber in swtor?

When players feel they are ready to get their hands on a lightsaber modification, they should head to any of the main cities’ commendation vendor to buy them. In this case, the modifications will be under the Supplies section. If a player is more interested in crafting their own, they can do this with a schematic.

How do you modify items in swtor?

To modify a item, you need to have the armoring, mod, or enhancement in your inventory. CTRL-Right click on the item, either in your inventory or on you Character Sheet. Then right click the mod in your inventory to add it to that item. The old mod will be destroyed unless you extract it first.

What skill makes augments Swtor?

Augments can be crafted by the Armormech, Armstech, and Synthweaving Crew Skills.

How do you get new lightsaber crystals in swtor?

You can get crystals from a lot of places some are available from the PVP vendor on the fleet, and the GTN will have a ton of them for sale under the Item Modifications section. Other players can craft them as for you if you ask and provide credits/materials.

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