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Who is Hachette owned by?

Who is Hachette owned by?

Lagardère Group
Hachette Book Group (HBG) is a publishing company owned by Hachette Livre, the largest publishing company in France, and the third largest trade and educational publisher in the world. Hachette Livre is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lagardère Group.

Does Hachette Book Group accept unsolicited manuscripts?

Publishers in the Hachette Book Group (with the exception of Yen Press—see below) are not able to consider unsolicited manuscript submissions and unsolicited queries. Many major publishers have a similar policy.

What is podium audio?

Podium is an audio-first entertainment company dedicated to developing the careers of emerging, independent storytellers and best-selling authors. Podium finances, develops, produces and distributes immersive audio content globally with a particular emphasis on the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance.

Is Quercus part of Hachette?

Hachette acquires Quercus Publishing – Trillium Partners.

Is Orion part of Hachette?

The Orion Publishing Group is part of Hachette UK which is a leading UK trade publishing group.

What is Hachette Book Group worth?

Hachette Book Group Fast Facts Hachette Book Group’s annual revenues are $100-$500 million (see exact revenue data) and has over 1,000 employees. It is classified as operating in the Book Publishers industry.

Who owns podium publishing?

Greg Lawrence
In March 2019, private equity firm Presidio Investors teamed with Podium cofounder Greg Lawrence to buy the publisher.

Who owns Blackstone publishing?

Blackstone Audio is one of the largest independent audiobook publishers in the United States, offering over 30,000 audiobooks….Blackstone Audio.

Type Private
Founder Craig & Michelle Black
Headquarters Ashland, Oregon
Key people Josh Stanton (CEO), Grover Gardner (Studio Director)
Products Audiobooks, Print Books, and eBooks

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