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Who is Hillenbrand?

Who is Hillenbrand?

Hillenbrand has transformed itself into a global diversified industrial company. We are now focused on building platforms to develop scale and enhance leadership positions to drive profitable growth. Our vision is to become a world-class, global diversified industrial company.

Why choose Hillebrand for your supply chain?

Whatever your supply chain needs, and wherever your products begin or end their journey, Hillebrand has 175 years of expertise to care for them and deliver them in optimum condition. Offering forward-thinking and creative solutions to make the global logistics of your products easier, Hillebrand is your one-stop partner.

How many companies does Hillenbrand own?

Click “Learn More” to view our 2020 annual report. Hillenbrand became a publicly traded company in 2008, owning one company. Since then, Hillenbrand has experienced significant company growth, owning seven companies and operating in more than 40 countries.

Is Milacron owned by Hillenbrand?

HILLENBRAND TO ACQUIRE MILACRON HOLDINGS CORP. Hillenbrand, Inc. and Milacron Holdings Corp. have entered into a definitive agreement under which Hillenbrand will acquire Milacron in a cash and stock transaction.

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