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Who is Philippe Starck?

Who is Philippe Starck?

Inventor, creator, architect, designer, artistic director, Philippe Starck is certainly all of the above, but more than anything he is an honest man directly descended from the Renaissance artists. “My father was an aeronautical engineer. For me, that made invention a duty”.

What is the Paradis du Fruit by Starck?

He made his mark in Paris once again with the interior design of the Paradis du Fruit (2009) with a simple idea, “at the Paradis, with fruit everywhere, men are no longer just men, they are angels, genius, artists”. Philippe Starck’s creations echo his deep respect for the relationship between man and his environment.

What is Starck Paris?

In 2016 Philippe Starck presents Starck Paris, a first collection of perfumes made in collaboration with three master perfumers: Daphné Bugey, Annick Ménardo and Dominique Ropion. His work on the fragrances proposes an “exploration through us, of elsewhere, of the unconscious.”

Is Starck an architect or designer?

Although he considers himself no more an architect than designer, in the early 1980s Philippe Starck designed several buildings in Japan, with forms previously unseen. The first was in Tokyo, completed in 1989, and is striking in its originality.

Philippe Starck was born in Paris in 1949. The son of an aeronautical engineer, he studied interior architecture and design at the Parisian École Camondo. His first steps as a designer included designing inflatable objects, until he finally founded his company “Starck Products” in 1980.

Who is Jean-Michel Starck?

Two years later, Starck designed the interior of the Café Costes in Paris and was on his way to becoming a design celebrity. In quick succession, he created elegant interiors for the Royalton and Paramount hotels in New York, the Delano in Miami and the Mondrian in Los Angeles.

Why choose Philippe Starck for your Axor bathroom?

Philippe Starck has been drafting bathroom collections for the AXOR brand since 1994. The Frenchman is world famous for his product design and interior design (Copyright: Nicolas Guerin). Design should make life better for the largest amount of people possible, regardless of its concrete form – that is Philippe Starck’s vision.

What did Andre Starck invent?

In addition to his aircraft designs, Andre Starck also invented a twist up lipstick tube. Philippe Starck believes that it was his father’s influence that has helped with the longevity of his own career. “My father used to tell me that for a plane to fly you need to be creative, but for it to stay up you need rigor.”

Who is Jean Starck?

Starck has designed everything from his famous “ghost chair” to a $150 million yacht for Steve Jobs. And yet, in addition to his incredible designs, Starck continues to be one captivating character.

What makes Philippe Starck’s Ma Cocotte unique?

With the external architecture of the restaurant Ma Cocotte, Philippe Starck pays tribute to the typical buildings of the neighbourhood and its inhabitants, a kingdom of market traders whose authenticity and effervescence has long fascinated him. It’s a lifestyle he has endeavoured to reproduce with this comfortable and welcoming place.

What did Philippe Starck say about his father’s influence?

Philippe Starck believes that it was his father’s influence that has helped with the longevity of his own career. “My father used to tell me that for a plane to fly you need to be creative, but for it to stay up you need rigor.”

What inspired Philippe Starck’s designs?

Philippe Starck is influenced by many things, including the latest fashions and novelty items / toys. You could argue that many of his designs are inspired by natural, forms as he commonly uses organic or anthropomorphic shapes as the basis for his designs.

When was the Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck?

It’s perhaps surprising that the Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck (b. 1949) has been around for less than two decades when you consider its impressive international stature. When Starck introduced the design for Kartell in 2002, it became an instant icon. Now it’s easily one of the most recognized (and copied) designs in the world.

Why choose Philippe Starck for interior design?

Philippe Starck really knows how to build a luxury interior design: the mirror tendency on the wall with the red mirror inside is a great touch to bring some color to the bedroom. Design and architecture Hotel: The new avant-garde design hotel created by Philippe Starck brought fresh air to the city´s robertson quay area.

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