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Who is student of Bharathidasan?

Who is student of Bharathidasan?

Occupation Teacher, Tamil poet, Tamil activist
Period Pure Tamil movement
Spouse Pazhani Ammal
Children Saraswathi Kannappan (Daughter) Mannarmannan (Son) Vasantha Dhandapani (Daughter) Ramani Sivasubramaniyan (Daughter)

What is the birthplace of Bharathidasan?

Puducherry, IndiaBharathidasan / Place of birth

Who called as Bharathidasan?

Kanagasabai Subbu, popularly called Bharathidasan, was a 20th-century Tamil poet and writer rationalist whose literary works handled mostly socio-political issues. He was deeply influenced by the Tamil poet Subramania Bharati and named himself as Bharathidasan.

How did Bharathidasan died?

Natural causesBharathidasan / Cause of death

What did Bharathidasan do?

Bharathidasan ( April 29, 1891 – April 21, 1964; also spelt Bharatidasan ) was a twentieth century Tamil Poet and rationalist whose literary works handled mostly socio – political issues. His writings served as a catalyst for the growth of the Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu.

What did Bharathidasan write?

Bharathidasan, too, wrote works of devotional poetry – Mayilam Shree Shanmugam Pattu in 1920 and Mayilam Shree Subramaniar Thuthi in 1926 – in the bhakti style. Two major developments in the literary and political spheres were to lead Bharathidasan’s considerable learning and talents in a new direction.

Why did Bharathidasan changed his name?

He was known as ‘Puratchi Kavignar’ (revolutionary poet) because of his fierce poems composed during the freedom struggle. His maiden name was Kanagasabai Subburathinam. But due to his respect for another popular poet Bharathiyar, he changed his name into Bharathidasan (slave of Bharathi).

Is Bharathidasan freedom fighter?

He was deeply influenced by the Tamil poet and freedom fighter, Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi, who mentored him and hence named himself Bharathidasan. A participant in the Indian independence movement, he opposed the British and the French. He remained a prolific writer and poet till he died in 1964.

When was Bharathidasan died?

April 21, 1964Bharathidasan / Date of death

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