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Who is the Miss World of 2014?

Who is the Miss World of 2014?

Rolene Strauss
South Africa
Miss World 2014/Winners

Which Miss SA was crowned Miss World in 2014?

South Africa’s Rolene Strauss was crowned Miss World on 14 December 2014 in London at the age of 22.

Who is the first Filipino won Miss World?

Miss World

Year Miss World Philippines Placement
2013 Megan Lynne Young Miss World 2013
2014 Valerie Weigmann Top 25
2015 Hillarie Danielle Parungao Top 10
2016 Catriona Elisa Gray Top 5

Who crowned Tamaryn green?

Adè van Heerden
She was crowned by her predecessor Adè van Heerden.

Is Rolene Strauss doctor?

Dr Rolene Strauss Rolene is a mother, wife, graduated medical doctor, Transformative Self-Confidence Coach, author, entrepreneur, business woman, Miss South Africa 2014 and Miss World 2014.

How many Miss World Philippines have?

The country has won in all four pageants with a total of 14 victories: Four — Miss Universe crowns (1969 • 1973 • 2015 • 2018)…Philippines at major beauty pageants.

Name of Pageant Placements Best Result
Miss World 18 Winner (2013)
Miss International 31 Winner (1964, 1970, 1979, 2005, 2013, 2016)
Miss Earth 13 Winner (2008, 2014, 2015)
Total 83 13 Winners

How many crowns Miss World Philippines?

Four — Miss Universe crowns (1969 • 1973 • 2015 • 2018)…Placements.

Pageant Placements Best result
Miss World 21 Winner (2013)
Miss International 33 Winner (1964, 1970, 1979, 2005, 2013, 2016)

Where was the Miss World 2014 pageant held?

Miss World 2014, the 64th edition of the Miss World pageant, was held on 14 December 2014 at the ExCeL London in London, United Kingdom. 121 contestants competed for the crown.

Will Zita participate in the Miss World 2015 pageant?

Zita was crowned Miss República Portuguesa in September 2014 and was supposed to participate in the Miss World 2015 pageant, but Zita has now agreed to participate in the Miss World 2014 pageant.

Who is the Miss World 2014 Greece?

Greece – Eleni Kokkinou was appointed as Miss World Greece 2014 after a casting call was organised by Vassilis Prevelakis, national director for Miss World in Greece. Guadeloupe – Wendy Métony was appointed Miss Monde Guadeloupe 2014.

Who are the judges for Miss World 2014?

The judges for Miss World 2014 were: Julia Morley – Chairman of the Miss World Organization. Mike Dixon – Musical Director. Rudy Salles – Member of the National Assembly of France. Jody Reynolds – former president of Variety International. Marsha-Rae Ratcliff – Variety International board member.

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