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Who owns Heraeus?

Who owns Heraeus?

After Heraeus Dental was sold to the Mitsui Group, a Japanese company, in 2013, Heraeus Holding comprised six business groups.

Who owns Argor Heraeus?

Effective July 13, Argor-Heraeus will be entirely owned by Heraeus. Heraeus has added the stakes of former co-owners Commerzbank and Münze Österreich, as well as the shares of Argor’s management, to its existing 33% share.

What does Heraeus make?

Heraeus Electronics is a leading manufacturer of materials for the assembly and packaging of devices in the electronics industry.

How many employees does Heraeus have?

14,800 employees
In the 2020 financial year, the FORTUNE Global 500 listed group generated revenues of €31.5 billion with approximately 14,800 employees in 40 countries. Heraeus is one of the top 10 family-owned companies in Germany and holds a leading position in its global markets.

Is Heraeus a Fortune 500 company?

2021 – The renowned US business magazine FORTUNE today announced the FORTUNE Global 500 list for the fiscal year 2020. FORTUNE magazine publishes this annual ranking of the world’s largest companies by revenue. Heraeus made it to 335th place in this year’s ranking.

Where is Argor Heraeus?

Argor Heraeus is considered one of the largest international precious metal processors located in Mendrisio, Switzerland. The company is specialized in refining silver, gold, palladium and platinum, but also performs other additional services for precious metals trading.

Is Argor Heraeus gold bar good?

Argor-Heraeus silver bars are therefore an excellent choice for all investors, offering LBMA-approval and high quality and craftmanship.

Does UBS sell gold?

ZURICH, Nov 30 (Reuters) – UBS (UBSG. S) has launched physical gold trading for Swiss customers via its mobile banking app, the first bank in the country to do so, broadening the traditional safe haven asset’s availability to retail customers.

What is a Credit Suisse gold?

Description. Credit Suisse is a reputable gold bullion manufacturer worldwide. They are one of the largest gold refiners and their gold products are backed by the Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland. They have been producing gold bars for many years.

Do Swiss banks buy gold?

Swiss banks are a safe solution for gold purchases, but not all banks sell gold. Alternatively, you can also safely buy gold from reputable independent gold dealers like Degussa, Pro Aurum and Philoro, among others.

Why choose Heraeus refineries?

As one of the top precious metals refineries in the world, Heraeus is a member of the London Bullion Market Association’s good delivery referee panel which supervises refining standards in the global bullion market. Heraeus is a key member of both the LBMA and the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM).

Where can I buy Heraeus products in Germany?

In October 2018, Heraeus extended its sales channels in Germany by opening the online platform in co-operation with the precious metals trader Ophirum GmbH. The platform allows retail customers to buy Heraeus precious metal bars and a variety of popular coins.

Where are Heraeus’s metals located?

The group’s metals recycling facilities are located in Hanau in Germany, Port Elizabeth in South Africa, Taicang in China, Udaipur in India, Santa Fe Springs in California, and Wartburg in Tennessee in the US. The physical precious metals product range offered by Heraeus [Heraeus physical precious metals [9] is extensive.

Why choose Heraeus precious metals?

Heraeus Precious Metals The best solution to your challenge is our top priority. Heraeus is a leading provider of precious metals services and products. We combine all activities related to our comprehensive expertise in the precious metals loop – from trading to precious metals products to recycling.

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