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Who played Mr Sharkey in Waterloo Road?

Who played Mr Sharkey in Waterloo Road?

Jack McMullen
Cobra Kai Season 4 – The Loop

Finn Sharkey
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Portrayed by Jack McMullen
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 11
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 30

Who plays Finn Sharkey dad in Waterloo Road?

Jack McMullen
McMullen in September 2012
Born 22 February 1991 Liverpool, England
Occupation Actor writer
Years active 2001–present

Who plays Dante’s dad in Waterloo Road?

Mathew Gurney
Mathew Gurney is the father of Nate Gurney, His son Aaron passed away….Cobra Kai Season 4 – The Loop.

Matthew Gurney
Portrayed by Reece Dinsdale
First Appearance Series 6 Episode 13
Last Appearance Series 6 Episode 13

Who plays Tom Clarkson’s son in Waterloo Road?

The Book of Boba Fett Ep. 5 – The Loop

Joshua Stevenson
Portrayed by William Rush
First Appearance (Regular) Series 5 Episode 1
Last Appearance (Regular) Series 8 Episode 7 (A Woman Scorned)
First Appearance (Guest) Series 8 Episode 24 (Tan-Tastic)

Who plays Connor Joyce in screw?

Who plays Connor Joyce in Screw? Every week prison drama Screw focuses in on one inmate with their own story. And this week, focus shifts to Connor – played by Jack McMullen. The Liverpool-born 30-year-old made his TV debut in the legendary Channel 4 soap, Brookside.

Who was the longest serving headteacher in Waterloo Road?

Grantly Budgen
Grantly Budgen (Philip Martin Brown, series 3−9; supporting series 1−2) is the longest-serving teacher in the school, and Head of English between series 1 and 4.

Who plays Connor Mulgrew in Waterloo Road?

Shane O’Meara
Shane O’Meara (born 26 April 1992) is an Irish actor, known for his roles as Connor Mulgrew in the BBC One school-based drama series Waterloo Road and Sean Donoghue in the BBC medical soap opera, Doctors.

What happened to Sian in Waterloo Road?

Behind the science goggles is an intelligent, sparky and sexy woman, capable of making science appealing to the masses….The Book of Boba Fett Ep. 5 – The Loop.

Sian Edwards
Cause/Reason Resigned after slapping Barry Barry
Born 8th July 1979
Occupation Science Teacher Deputy Headteacher

What happens on work experience day at Waterloo Road?

It’s work experience day at Waterloo Road. Lauren and Josh are less than impressed with their jobs as a hairdresser and chef respectively while Chris ends up with Finn Sharkey as a teaching assistant. Finn cockily decides he can easily do Chris’s job, and encourages mutiny in a year-8 class.

Who is the owner of Waterloo Road School?

Lorraine Donnegan ( Daniela Denby-Ashe, series 8; recurring series 7) is Waterloo Road’s owner and benefactor during series 8. A former pupil of Michael’s turned wealthy businesswoman, Lorraine purchases the school in Scotland and asks Michael to become its Headteacher.

Who is the headteacher of Waterloo Road?

Hector Reid ( Leon Ockenden, series 9−10) is a PE teacher, who comes to Waterloo Road as part of its resilience programme. Unconventional and arrogant, Hector initially sets his sights on Nikki but later begins an affair with Sue. Vaughan Fitzgerald ( Neil Pearson, series 10) is the sixth Headteacher of Waterloo Road.

What happened to Josh in Waterloo Road?

After learning of Josh’s diagnosis of schizophrenia, Tom makes the decision for them to join the re-opened Waterloo Road in Scotland. He agrees to donate one of his kidneys to Grantly Budgen, but before he can do so is killed in a fall from the school’s roof while aiding a troubled former pupil.

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