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Who sang Sunday Night Football before Carrie?

Who sang Sunday Night Football before Carrie?

Prior to Underwood, Hill sang the song for NBC for six years and pop star Pink for one year. Underwood’s new opening video will debut ahead of the Sept.

Who all has sung the Sunday Night Football song?

NBC Sunday Night Football
Theme music composer John Williams (2006–2008) & Joel Beckerman (Super Bowl XLIII–present) (main theme)
Opening theme “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” by Carrie Underwood
Country of origin United States
Original language English

Why is Al Michaels not calling Sunday Night Football?

Al Michaels Pulled From ‘Sunday Night Football’ Due to NBC’s ‘COVID-19 Safety Protocols’

How can I watch Sunday Night Football?

How To Watch Sunday Night Football

  2. Hulu Live TV.
  3. fuboTV.
  4. YouTube TV.
  5. Peacock.
  6. Stream NBC on Sling.

Who is the female singer for Sunday Night Football?

Carrie Underwood
(CNN) The NFL is back for their 2021-2022 season and that means we get another “Sunday Night Football’ song performed by Carrie Underwood. “This season is my ninth season working with the incredible people at ‘Sunday Night Football. ‘” Underwood said in a recent press release.

When did Carrie Underwood start SNF?

Carrie Underwood started her ‘Sunday Night Football’ contract in 2013, following Pink and Faith Hill. The American Idol alum introduced her version of “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,” a reworking of the Joan Jett song “I Hate Myself for Loving You,” in 2013.

Who is the female singer on Sunday Night Football?

Nashville superstar Carrie Underwood returns for her ninth consecutive season as the performer of the Sunday Night Football theme song.

Does Rodney Harrison still work for NBC?

Now 48 years old, Harrison is in his 13th season with NBC’s “Football Night in America” broadcast. After 12 years of fine work and candor as a studio analyst (Harrison did the job remotely last season), he is on-site this season along with Jac Collinsworth at the venue of the weekly “Sunday Night Football” matchup.

Who will replace Al Michaels?

Fellow NBC broadcaster, Mike Tirico, will take over for Michaels and join Cris Collinsworth in the booth. Tirico filled in for Michaels a few times in the 2020 season, and he currently hosts ‘Football Night in America’ during halftime on Sunday nights.

Who plays Sunday Night Football tonight and what channel?

NBC SportsPeacockTelemundo
NBC Sunday Night Football/Networks

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