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Who was the founder of Natchitoches?

Who was the founder of Natchitoches?

explorer Louis Juchereau de St. Denis
Natchitoches, the oldest European settlement in present-day Louisiana, was founded by the French explorer Louis Juchereau de St. Denis in 1714. Named after a local Native American group, Natchitoches remained an important colonial outpost during the French, Spanish, and American periods in Louisiana history.

What is the present day name of fort jean Baptiste?

St. Jean Baptiste des Natchitoches. Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Historic Site, or Fort des Natchitoches, in Natchitoches, Louisiana, US, is a replica of an early French fort based upon the original blueprints of 1716 by Sieur Charles Claude Dutisné and company.

Which French fort was established in 1714?

In 1714, Juchereau de St. Denis was assigned to lead a new expedition, with the objective of defending the western boundaries of Louisiana (New France). He established Fort des Natchitoches. By the middle of the 18th century Fort de la Boulaye was abandoned.

Who was Natchitoches named after?

Natchitoches gets its name from the Natchitoches tribe that lived in the area. For years, historians have argued over the meaning of Natchitoches. Some say it comes from the native word “nashitosh,” which means “chinquapin eaters.” A chinquapin is a type of chestnut found in the area.

Why was Natchitoches established?

It is the oldest permanent European settlement within the borders of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. Natchitoches was founded as a French outpost on the Red River for trade with Spanish-controlled Mexico; French traders settled there as early as 1699.

Who established Fort St Jean Baptiste?

Louis Juchereau de St. Denis
French-Canadian trader Louis Juchereau de St. Denis was on a mission to establish trading ties with Mexico. After traveling nearly 140 leagues up the Red River, he encountered an impenetrable logjam. At this spot, he hastily built two crude huts, which became Fort St.

Who is considered the father of Louisiana?

Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville: Father of Louisiana.

Who built fort Toulouse?

In 1717, when this region was part of French Louisiana, the French built a fort near the strategically vital junction where the Tallapoosa and Coosa Rivers form the Alabama River.

Who was the first person to establish a fort in French Louisiana?

1699: First European settlement in Mississippi established Fort Maurepas was built in present day Ocean Springs by Frenchmen Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville and his brother, Jean Baptiste de Bienville, among the Biloxi, Pascagoula, Acolapissa, Quinipissa, Mugulasha, and other coastal groups.

What tribes were in Natchitoches Louisiana?

The Natchitoches (Caddo: Náshit’ush) are a Native American tribe from Louisiana. They organized themselves in one of the three Caddo-speaking confederacies along with the Hasinai (between the Sabine and Trinity rivers in eastern Texas), and Kadohadacho (at the borders of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana).

What is Fort St Jean Baptiste des Natchitoches?

This strategic outpost was named Fort St. Jean Baptiste des Natchitoches. Economically, Natchitoches evolved into a primary French trade center in the Lower Mississippi Valley.

What is the history of Fort Natchitoches?

In 1716, Sieur Charles Claude Dutisné was sent to Natchitoches with a small company of colonial troops to build and garrison an outpost that would prevent the Spanish forces in the province of Texas from advancing across the border of French Louisiane. This strategic outpost was named Fort St. Jean Baptiste des Natchitoches.

Where was Fort St Jean Baptiste replaced?

The site obtained for the replication of Fort St. Jean Baptiste is located on Cane River Lake (formerly the Red River) a few hundred yards from the original fort site. The fort replication was based upon Ignace Francois Broutin’s plans and on extensive archival research in Louisiana, Canada and France.

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