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Who were Wilford Woodruff wives?

Who were Wilford Woodruff wives?

In 1852, Woodruff married Mary Giles Meeks Webster and Clarissa Henrietta Hardy, but Mary died that same year and Clarissa divorced him a year later. In 1853, he was sealed to two more women, Emma Smith, age 15, and Sarah Brown, age 19.

How many wives did Wilford Woodruff have?

Living in the era when plural marriage was an authorized institution of the Mormon Church, Woodruff’s family consisted of five wives and thirty-three children. One marriage ended in divorce, and one wife and fourteen of his children preceded him in death.

How many wives did Lorenzo Snow have?

The LDS Church online genealogy records indicate Lorenzo Snow had 10 wives and 46 children. Lorenzo Snow and his second wife, Mary Adeline Goddard, were first cousins. In addition, Mary Adeline had married first George Washington Henderickson and had three children before she married Lorenzo Snow Mary Adeline Goddard.

Who did Phebe Carter marry?

Married Wilford Woodruff. Went on to serve a mission at age 37. In her mid-twenties, Phebe Carter was baptized and left her family to join the Saints. She once became ill and seemed to die.

How many wives did Joseph F Smith have?

He also served on the city council of Salt Lake City and in the territorial legislature (1865–74, 1880, 1882). Smith had six wives, but he accepted the decision to give up polygamy reached by church leaders in 1890 and testified before a United States Senate committee that Mormons no longer accepted the practice.

Who taught the Gospel to Wilford Woodruff?

Wilford Woodruff’s search ended when he was 26 years old. On December 29, 1833, he heard a sermon preached by Elder Zera Pulsipher, a Latter-day Saint missionary.

Did Joseph Smith marry Eliza Snow?

Snow was married to Joseph Smith as a plural wife and was openly a plural wife of Brigham Young after Smith’s death. Snow was the second general president of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), which she reestablished in Utah Territory in 1866.

Did Lorenzo Snow have multiple wives?

Wives and children Before leaving Nauvoo, Snow accepted the principle of plural marriage and took two wives. Later, he took seven more. Charlotte Squires (19 November 1825 Ohio – 25 September 1850).

What happened to Phebe Carter?

Phebe lived to the age of 78, dying after a fall caused a serious head injury. Wilford had been in hiding, but risked arrest to visit her after her accident. On November 9, 1885, realizing her serious condition, he “blessed her and anointed her for her burial.” His wife of more than 48 years died a few hours later.

Who was Phebe Carter?

Phebe Whittemore Carter was born in 1807 in Scarborough, Maine. She was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1834 and moved to Kirtland, Ohio, soon after, where she met and married Wilford Woodruff in 1837….

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