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Who will Nie Li marry?

Who will Nie Li marry?

Nie Li became lovers with Ye Ziyun after the destruction of glory city. But the happiness as short lived as she was killed protecting him from a demon beast.

Who does Xiao Ning Er end up with?

Before Glory City’s destruction she was 5 star silver rank demon spiritualist. When she had first become bronze rank she had became extremely ill and her body was wracked with pain for two years with Arctic disease. She was forced to be married into Sacred Family to Shen Fei (Shen Yue’s older brother).

What rank is Nie Li tales of demons and gods?

Nie Li
Spiritualist Rank 3 – 4 (or higher) Dao of Dragon (Light Novel) 4 Fate Heavenly Fate Realm (Manhua) Emperor (Past life)
Fighter Rank Steel physique of the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword
Cultivation Heavenly God Power of Law (Light, Darkness, Death) (Law of Time and space)

What rank was Nie Li in his previous life?

Nie Li (In his past life he battled against the Sage Emperor and his 6 Deity rank demon beasts, where it was stated that his cultivation finally managed to surpass that of the Sage Emperor, but he still died in the end. So he was more then likely an Emperor or a Supreme in his past life)

Who is sage emperor?

The Sage Emperor is Nie Li’s archenemy from his previous life. He was the one responsible for killing Nie Li and triggering his rebirth via the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. For millions of years he has had the entirety of Space-Time under his control. He is also the true ruler of the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land.

What did Nie Li give to the nether master?

Ming Fei formed a Soul Seal with Nie Li, Lu Piao, and a demigod rank expert(Guan Yi) for his Divine Feathers Sect. Before Leaving, Nie Li asked Ming Fei if he could watch over Glory City and keep it safe. Ming Fei told him that he has guarded Glory City for a long time at the request of a close friend.

Who is the strongest in Yao Shen Ji?

The Strongest Feng Shen Ji Characters

  • Tian (Black Dragon) ( HighSkyfather Level)
  • Zhen Chan ( Skyfather/Herald Level)
  • Immortal Phoneix (Prime/Healthy) ( Skyfather/Herald Level)
  • Nothingness (with any host or without it) ( Herald Level)
  • Ah Gou (End of The Series.

Does tales of demons and gods have an ending?

In fact his readers are got angry with him for this reason. However, Tales of demons and gods has just 495 chapters for now. If you want a suggestion, never reading a novel of that author, you’ll never see the ending. Lord_of_sleep and ArchAngel_Michael like this.

How many years did the Emperor gave the sages?

Emperor Sagara penanced and practised abstinence for a hundred years. On completion of a hundred years, Sage Bhrugu appeared to Sagara and bequeathed two boons to him. He said that one of his wives will give birth to a son who would enrich Sagara dynasty and the other wife will be blessed with sixty thousand sons.

Who poisoned Gu?

At the meeting the patriarch, Gu Tianlong, surprised everyone by making Gu Bei the first in-line successor and lowering Gu Heng to be the second. Nie Li guessed that this was most likely because they had some knowledge of Gu Heng’s underhanded method of poisoning Gu Lan.

Who is the most powerful in tales of demons and gods?

Surprisingly, one of the strongest spiritualists, Ye Mao, only shows up in the story after 200+ chapters, building the hype to see a legendary rank in action.

Who is the main character of Feng Shen Ji?

Ah Gou (Lit; Dog), is the son of Zi Shou and Da Ji, the nephew of Zi Yu and Xin Yue Kui and the grandson of Fu Yi. He is the main protagonist of the seriesof the series.

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