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Who won Tusker Fame 6?

Who won Tusker Fame 6?

Hope Irakoze
Burundi’s Hope Irakoze is the winner of the Tusker Project Fame season six (TPF 6). He beat first runners-up, the duo of Amos & Josh, Uganda’s Daisy and Tanzania’s Hisia, who came third and fourth respectively at a colourful grand finale, held in Nairobi yesterday.

Who won Tusker Project?

Alpha Rwirangira
Speaking about the project last year, a bitter Tusker Project Fame season three (TPF3) winner, Alpha Rwirangira denounced the show organisers accusing them of, allegedly, not fulfilling some of their promises and abandoning past winners.

When was the last Tusker Project Fame?

Tusker Project Fame
Original release 1 October 2006 – 8 December 2013
Followed by Tusker Twende Kazi
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Who won TPF?

This is the first time Burundi has won during TPF’s lifetime. Kenya and Uganda have each bagged the title twice while Rwanda has won it once. The lucky Hope will take home Ksh5 million and a one year recording contract.

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