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Why choose the Arnhem International School?

Why choose the Arnhem International School?

The Arnhem International School (AIS) offers students a high quality education in an international, multi-cultural setting. Although the language of instruction is in English, the AIS is one of nine International Schools in the Netherlands affiliated with Dutch Schools, offering our students unique cultural and educational opportunities.

Why the AIS in Arnhem?

The location of the AIS in Arnhem allows the school to meet the needs of a large expatriate population in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region and in the border area between Germany and the Netherlands.

What is an insula?

Essay by Dr. Jeffrey A. Becker. In the Latin language, insula (plural insulae) means “island” and the term has been connected to the high-rise apartment dwellings of the Roman world, presumably since they rose like islands from the built landscape of the city. The insulae of ancient Roman cities provided housing for the bulk of the urban populace.

Who runs the preschool in Arnhem?

Rivers International School Arnhem runs the preschool in conjunction with SKAR, a Dutch day care company. Skar is an abbreviation of Stichting Kinderopvang Arnhem Regio (the foundation for childcare in Arnhem and surroundings). Enrolment in the preschool is open to both the International community and the local Dutch community.

How do I contact rivers International School Arnhem?

Primary: [email protected] Pre-school: [email protected] Rivers International School Arnhem is situated in Arnhem on the south side of the river Rhine, easily accessible by car or public transport.

Who are the directors of quadraam schools in Arnhem?

An eventful and special year is behind us. Pupils and teachers from all Quadraam schools, and our directors Erika Diender & Patrick Eckringa, aptly summarize the corona year in a concise video message. How do students get to Rivers International School in Arnhem?

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