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Why does maul mean?

Why does maul mean?

to injure by a rough beating, shoving, or the like; bruise: to be mauled by an angry crowd. to split with a maul and wedge, as a wooden rail.

Does maul mean mouth?

From Middle High German mūl, mūle (“snout, mouth”), from Old High German *mūl, mūla (“snout”), from Proto-Germanic *mūlą, *mūlō (“muzzle, snout”), from Proto-Indo-European *mū- (“lips, muzzle”).

What does mauled by dog mean?

If you are mauled by an animal, you are violently attacked by it and badly injured.

What part of speech is Maul?


part of speech: noun
definition: a heavy hammer, sometimes with a wooden head, used to drive stakes, piles, or the like. synonyms: sledgehammer similar words: hammer, mallet
part of speech: verb
inflections: mauls, mauling, mauled

What did Maul mean by he lives?

I think Obi-Wan Kenobi might. Having narrowed our focus there, we can assume Darth Maul’s cry of “He lives!” refers to Obi-Wan, who is, at this point in Star Wars history, secretly on the desert planet, watching over young Luke Skywalker from a distance. Since Obi-Wan lives, so does Maul’s hope of revenge against him.

Why does Maul say avenge us?

Right at the end, he allowed his enemy’s embrace, asking Obi-Wan to confirm he was in hiding to protect the Chosen One before Maul added “he will avenge us”. The Chosen One specifically was prophesized to destroy the Sith – a comforting notion that Luke would defeat Sidious, metaphorically avenging Maul.

How can you use maul in a sentence?

Maul in a Sentence 🔉

  • I would never go near a bear even in captivity, for fear that it would maul me with its huge teeth and claws.
  • There is a chance that any animals with claws and teeth could maul you, but scratches and cuts are the least of your worries with a carnivore.

How do you maul someone?

To call someone on a cell phone, start by pressing the phone button on the phone’s screen or keypad. Then, dial the number you want to reach, including the area code. Once you’ve typed out the number, click the call button to place the call.

Why did my dog bite me?

Most often, dogs bite people when they feel threatened in some way. The dog may think it’s part of the fun, or running away could trigger herding behavior or predatory pursuit in some breeds. A dog that’s in a fearful situation may bite anyone who approaches it.

What is maul in the Bible?

transitive verb. 1 : beat, bruise.

Who is Maul talking about when he says he lives?

And Luke lives on Tatooine, a planet which has 2 suns. Darth Maul is looking for someone/something unknown. But when he leaves the station he repeats “He lives”. The most important men in Maul’s life were Palpatine, Savage and Obi-Wan.

How to use “Maul” in a sentence?

use “maul” in a sentence As Helspont basked in his victory, Voodoo, Maul and the entire Youngblood team (accompanied by Dan Quayle) attacked. Play that looks like a maul can exist within the in-goal but restrictions on entry to the maul and the need to bind on to a team member do not apply. Often, when a team is

What does Maul mean?

mauls; mauled; mauling. Learner’s definition of MAUL.

What does mauls mean?

maul 1. To make out with someone 2. A long hammer used to drive wedges and steaks. 3. The German word for mouth. 4. In Rugby, A maulis formed if the ball carrier is held up and one player from each side binds onto him and tries either to rip the ball away or push him forwards.

What is a maul axe used for?

A splitting maul also known as a block buster, block splitter, chop and maul, sledge axe, go-devil or hamaxe is a heavy, long-handled axe used for splitting a piece of wood along its grain. One side of its head is like a sledgehammer, and the other side is like an axe.

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