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Why is a source valuable?

Why is a source valuable?

A reliable source is obviously very useful to the historian because it can provide accurate details that can be used to provide an outline of events or to check other sources against. Unfortunately, very few sources are completely reliable.

What is the purpose of a secondary source?

Secondary sources are works that analyze, assess or interpret an historical event, era, or phenomenon, generally utilizing primary sources to do so. Secondary sources often offer a review or a critique. Secondary sources can include books, journal articles, speeches, reviews, research reports, and more.

Is a newspaper primary or secondary?

Most articles in newspapers are secondary, but reporters may be considered as witnesses to an event. Any topic on the media coverage of an event or phenomenon would treat newspapers as a primary source.

What is the purpose of this source?

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Type of Source Common Purposes
Newspaper To inform or persuade the audience about an event
Photograph To record the details of an event, person or location
Speech To persuade the audience to agree with the speaker
Textbook To inform and educate its audience regarding a topic

Can a person be a source?

People don’t just create the sources we use. They are actually sources them-selves. Most of us use people as sources all the time in our private lives, such when we ask a friend for a restaurant recommendation or ask whether a movie is worth watching.

What is the content of a source?

Content source is a repository of all text elements that are used in, or to create content. Think of all the content types you manage: documents, web site pages, images, graphics, video, etc.

What is a source in an essay?

What Is a Source? A source is the place where you gained information used in your writing. A source can be a printed document, an online document, a speech, a quote or even a television or radio program.

What is origin of a source?

The origin of the source asks when the source was produced and who by, and the purpose of the source asks why it was produced, and whether it gives a particular message.By including your understanding of NOP in your answers, you demonstrate historical skills which are key to a really well written answer.

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