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Why is Ruth angry with Walter?

Why is Ruth angry with Walter?

Why is Ruth angry with Walter? She is angry because he won’t get up out of bed and because he had friends over the night before and kept Travis up.

Why was Ruth upset when Walter gave Travis $1?

Ruth was upset when Walter gave Travis the money because they didn’t have money to spare. Also, Walter didn’t get back her up; he undermined her authority as a parent.

What are three examples that show Walter has changed?

What are three examples that show Walter has changed in the past week? He isn’t mad with Ruth; he dances with her; he seems a little more pleasant with Beneatha.

What is Asagai’s dream?

Asagai dreams of returning to his people and of changing the societal and political landscape in Africa. While he admits that the educated man is rare in his village and that his words will initially sound strange to his people, Asagai believes that he can make a difference in his homeland.

What lesson does Walter learn in a raisin in the sun?

Walter comes around. He learns that dignity is not the product of finances or profession, but is instead a product of self-respect. This is the essential challenge that both he and Beneatha face – to achieve a sense of dignity and self-worth.

Why is Walter so upset?

Meanwhile, Walter is noticeably upset because he wants to put all the money into the liquor store venture. They all become worried when they hear that the house is in Clybourne Park, an entirely white neighborhood. Mama asks for their understanding—it was the only house that they could afford.

Does beneatha believe in God?

Beneatha doesn’t believe in God. Beneatha’s Mother, Lena is a very religious woman. Lena pretty much forces Beneatha to say God is real while they’re living under the same roof.

What does the rat symbolize in a raisin in the sun?

Additionally, the rat is “trapped.” This is symbolic of how the social and material conditions configure the lives of many children of color. Travis is chasing the rat with his friends, which is symbolic of the myriad of forces that are “chasing” and seeking to “trap” children of color in America.

How does Walter change throughout the play?

In the end, Walter finds his self-respect and leads his family on to their new house. Although Walter makes the worst mistakes out of any other character in the play, he also undergoes the greatest transformation. His journey takes him from total jerk, obsessed with get-rich-quick schemes, to a man worthy of respect.

Why didn’t beneatha become a doctor?

Terms in this set (9) Why doesn’t Beneatha want to be a doctor anymore? She doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore because she thinks that without the money she won’t be able to go to school to be a doctor. She can’t cure that problems that are wrong with humanity such as racism and greed.

What is Asagai’s nickname?


What is the climax of a raisin in the sun?

climax Bobo tells the Youngers that Willy has run off with all of Walter’s invested insurance money; Asagai makes Beneatha realize that she is not as independent as she thinks. falling action Walter refuses Mr.

Why does Mama receive a $10000 check?

When the play opens, the Youngers are about to receive an insurance check for $10,000. This money comes from the deceased Mr. Younger’s life insurance policy. Each of the adult members of the family has an idea as to what he or she would like to do with this money.

Why is Ruth upset by Travis’s talk of the rat?

What is Ruth upset by Travis’s talk of the rat? Ruth needs to get out of the neighborhood where her son plays with rats. What is the meaning of the word “Alaiyo”? One for whom bread is not enough.

Why is beneatha so interested in Africa?

Beneatha becomes interested in Africa when she meets Joseph Asagai, a student from Nigeria, on her campus. Beneatha is a deep-thinking person, and she wants to rethink the way African Americans live. She believes that African Americans are too assimilationist and have become brainwashed by white American culture.

Why does Walter give Travis the fifty cents?

Why does Walter give Travis a dollar instead of just 50 cents? To not only have the 50 cents for his teacher but so that he could treat himself by buying some fruit or taking a taxicab to school.

Who is beneatha boyfriend?

George Murchison

How does Walter change throughout a raisin in the sun?

Walter changes by losing his selfish and arrogant attitude and finding pride in himself to refuse a bribe. He realizes living in the house his mother…

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