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Why join Tasa?

Why join Tasa?

Texas public schools are evolving to better prepare future-ready graduates. TASA is the professional association for Texas school superintendents and other administrators. In addition to advocacy efforts and professional learning opportunities, we provide networks and services that offer mentorship and inspiration to our members.

Who can post job openings in the Tasa Career Center?

The superintendent of the school district (or superintendent/CEO of a private/charter school) must be a current TASA member in order for the district to post job openings in the TASA Career Center. However, anyone authorized to post jobs for the district/school may do so.

Who are Tasa’s new executive superintendents?

Also featured are a few more of TASA’s “Inspiring Leaders” as well as one of our newest TASA Executive Superintendents, Art Cavazos.

Will Ta set-aside funds be available after October 1st?

While it is possible that the FAST Act will be extended or a new bill will be enacted on October 1st, there’s no assurance that the TA Set-Aside will continue or that more funding will be available after that date. Funds made available to the Department through the bill prior to that date will still be available for use after September 30, 2021.

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