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Why study at Bayside?

Why study at Bayside?

I am surrounded by passionate staff and supportive families who guide and challenge our students in achieving their best. Students at Bayside benefit from the advantages of being part of one large college while experiencing the nurturing sense of community that our three smaller campuses provide.

Is Bayside College accredited by SACS?

Bayside College is not accredited by SACS Commission on Colleges and the accreditation of Southeastern University does not extend to or include Bayside College or its students. Students must be admitted by Southeastern University and enrolled in university courses to receive the benefits of regional accreditation.

Why did Bayside come on board with Campion?

We spoke with Corey Johnson, who told us about his experiences coming on board with Campion Education. Bayside needed a new digital solution that supported online publisher content and dealt with multiple publishers, as well as Single Sign-On and provisioning of students accounts, which they did not have with their previous supplier.

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