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Why tat Wong Kung Fu Academy?

Why tat Wong Kung Fu Academy?

Make Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy your source for adult fitness through kung fu and kick boxing. The health benefits are vast, both mentally and physically. Kung Fu Zoom Classes at (415) 752-5555 or click here to sign up.

Where can I learn kung fu in San Francisco?

Tat Wong Kung Fu and Kickboxing Academy offers classes for kids, teens, and adults in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Concord California; where helping students achieve their martial arts, self-defense, and fitness goals is the priority. For other affiliated martial arts schools in the USA and South America see our Affliliates page.

What martial arts does grandmaster Wong know?

Grandmaster Wong began his training as a child in Hong Kong with Judo, Tae kwon do, and his favorite martial art: Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu. Additionally Grandmaster Wong has practiced Tai Chi, Chi Gung, and Shuai Jiao, and incorporates his full array of knowledge in the curriculum he’s developed.

How do I sign up for Kung Fu zoom classes?

Kung Fu Zoom Classes at (415) 752-5555 or click here to sign up. Whether you live in San Francisco or San Mateo Counties or across the country you can participate in classes and learn Kung Fu, get a great workout and make new Kung Fu friends who will support you in your efforts to get in shape while studying or working from home.

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