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Will there be total overdose 2?

Will there be total overdose 2?

Cancelled sequel A sequel was originally planned named Total Overdose 2: Tequila Gunrise. It would have featured the entire map of Mexico, but it was cancelled after Eidos Interactive pulled out of it.

How many levels are there in total overdose?

In the crime underworld of Los Toros anything goes. Go undercover as Ramiro Cruz in an action-packed tequila-filled rampage to find your father’s killer. Hijack any vehicles and arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons. Master a series of deadly freestyle kill moves in 18 different open-ended environments.

Who created Total Overdose?

Deadline GamesTotal Overdose / DeveloperDeadline Games A/S was a Danish video game developer based in Copenhagen, operating between 1996 and 2009. Its last published game was Watchmen: The End Is Nigh, based on Watchmen.
On 29 May 2009, Deadline Games filed for bankruptcy, only a few months after releasing Watchmen: The End Is Nigh. Wikipedia

When was total overdose released?

September 16, 2005Total Overdose / Initial release date

Is Total Overdose on steam?

Total Overdose – Steam Games.

How do I change my Tod language?

How to change language

  1. Delete uk_sounds. naz from the installation folder.
  2. Download the language pack.
  3. Extract the language pack from the archive and copy the desired language file (e.g. it_sounds. naz for Italian) to the installation folder.

Is Total Overdose a good game?

The Bottom Line. Total Overdose is good fun while it lasts, albeit in a cheesy and over the top way. Despite its flaws, action fans will find a lot to like in this game.

What is the cheat to activate Total Overdose?

Enable cheat mode, then press A, X, B, Y. Enable cheat mode, then press B(2), White, Black to unlock all Loco moves. Enable cheat mode, then press Y, L, Black, X to unlock all weapons.

What is Total Overdose demo?

If you like old skool 3rd person shooters then Total Overdose should be right up your street. You play as an ex criminal turned Drug Enforcement agent and sent by your brother to a small Mexican town to find out who killed your father.

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