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How do you ask if there is an update?

How do you ask if there is an update?

May I know if there is any (updated) information? Is there any (updated) information? Please let us know if you have (updated) information on this issue. Also, can anyone give me some good examples of professional business email writing?

How do you email a status update?

The purpose of this email is to update you on the status of…….1. Always let people know why you’re writingI’m writing to let you know about order number….I have some information for you about…I wanted to update you about…We’re writing regarding….We’re contacting you regarding your order number …

Is there any update on below mentioned issue?

If you don’t wish to use the plural, simply write Is there an update . . . (Any is sometimes a pronoun as well: “No, I don’t have any.”) Below-mentioned issue is acceptable only if it is preceded by the definite article the. But it’s inelegant, and the verb mentioned is inappropriate for a business communication.

Could you please update us on the status of payment?

Don’t use this phrase. “Please give us an update on the payment status” is vague. “Please let us know when payment will be made” is a polite way to say “tell us when we’ll receive a payment.” “Please let us know when payment has been made” is a polite way to say “let us know when you have made a payment.”

Is there any updates or update?

Both phrases are correct, as the verbs agree with the nouns (“are” and “updates,” and “is” and “update”).

Can you or can I grammar?

Could and May A third modal for making polite requests is could. For example, “Could I please have some water?” Could is the past tense of can. However, when asking for permission, could does not have a past tense meaning. Could has the same meaning as may when making requests.

Is could you please a question?

Depending on context, a sentence may or may not merit a question mark. Question marks should not follow questions that are disguised requests: “Could you please close the door on your way out.” (In writing, such requests are best rendered more concisely: “Please close the door on your way out.”)

Could you please or can you please which is more polite?

Permissionasking for permissionformal/polite?giving permissionCan I ask you a question?informalYes, you can. Yes, you may. Yes, you could.Could I use your phone?more formal/politeMay I use your phone?even more formal/polite

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