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How does Iago deceive Othello?

How does Iago deceive Othello?

In this scene, Iago used both verbal and body language to deceive Othello. Iago used verbal language on Othello by telling him he would discuss Desdemona with Cassio, which he did not do, and he used body language to deceive Othello by having Cassio move his body in ways that would upset Othello.

How is Iago a liar?

He convinces himself that Othello has had an affair with his wife. Iago also lies to Othello when he tells him that Cassio is having an affair with Desdemona. He gets Othello to “turn” at this point and then Othello becomes driven to kill his wife.

Did Othello kill Desdemona?

Iago manipulates Othello into believing his wife Desdemona is unfaithful, stirring Othello’s jealousy. Othello allows jealousy to consume him, murders Desdemona, and then kills himself.

Who does Iago kill?


How does Iago manipulate Othello Act 1?

In Act 1, Iago uses Roderigo’s love for Desdemona against him, manipulating him into participating in his scheme to ruin Othello. The impression created when he professes his ideas and future actions to us is that he is the most “Honest Iago”.

What does Desdemona want Emilia to do if she dies?

Desdemona and Emilia discuss the situation; Emilia sees the marriage with Othello as a mistake, but Desdemona regrets nothing. She has a premonition of death and requests Emilia, if she should die, to wrap her body in one of her wedding sheets, which are now on the bed.

Why did Othello slap Desdemona?

Othello slaps Desdemona because she is not admitting to being unfaithful to him and he is getting increasingly frustrated with her. He feels as though…

How does Iago manipulate Othello Act 3?

One method of manipulation that Iago uses in Act 3 scene 3 is making Othello question him and drag out Iago’s reasons for believing that Cassio is being dishonest and having an affair with his wife. He also makes Othello believe that Desdemona is sleeping with Cassio without actually stating it specifically.

What crimes did Iago commit?

Iago based on his crimes would be charged with manslaughter, disturbing the peace, and attempted murder. He would most likely be leagly guilty of manslaughter, because of the amount of people that died because of his lie. People include Desdemona, Othello, Emilia and Roderigo.

Is Roderigo in love with Desdemona?

He loves Desdemona so much that he says that he cannot live if she is not with him, as explained by his quote, “I will incontinently drown myself.” (I. iii, 302). Roderigo’s love for Desdemona blurs his judgement and he spends almost all of his money in an attempt to win her love in Cyprus.

Did Othello slept with Iago’s wife?

At the end of Act I, scene iii, Iago says he thinks Othello may have slept with his wife, Emilia: “It is thought abroad that ‘twixt my sheets / He has done my office” (I. iii. 369–370). Iago is often funny, especially in his scenes with the foolish Roderigo, which serve as a showcase of Iago’s manipulative -abilities.

Does Iago want to marry Desdemona?

Iago was up for a promotion, but Othello gave Cassio the position of lieutenant. Why is Roderigo upset with Othello? He wanted to marry Desdemona. They go to Brabantio in the middle of the night to tell on Othello.

Did Desdemona cheat on Othello?

Desdemona’s love for Othello is pure, constant, and unconditional. She would never cheat on Othello. Unlike Emilia, Desdemona’s love is absolute; no price or prize could tempt her to commit adultery; no unkind act on Othello’s part could drive her to another man. Under no circumstances would Desdemona cheat on Othello.

How is manipulation used in Othello?

In Shakespeare’s Othello, the concept of taking advantage of someone through manipulation leads to unnecessary, horrible events. Using the character of Roderigo, Iago manipulates him into doing everything he wants. At the beginning of the tragedy, Iago and Roderigo are talking poorly about Othello.

Who finally reveals the truth about Iago to Othello?

Desdemona’s sympathy for Cassio enrages Othello further and provides the final impetus for him to murder her. 4. Who finally reveals the truth about Iago and his evil plot against Desdemona and Othello? Emilia realizes that her husband’s “odious damned lie” about Desdemona has brought about her murder.

Why did Iago kill Emilia?

When Emilia learns that Othello murdered Desdemona because he believed she was unfaithful to him with Cassio, a claim he supports by the fact that Iago told him of the affair and that Cassio had Desdemona’s handkerchief—Emilia becomes enraged. In an act of guilt and rage, Iago then stabs and murders Emilia.

Why doesn’t Othello kill Iago?

Othello doesnt kill Iago because he believes that death can brung you more happiness than life. So to make Iago suffer, he keeps him alive. What do you believe that Cassio will do with “honest” Iago?

When Iago tells Othello Desdemona is cheating?

3.3 Iago begins with small comments and gradually reels Othello in until he tells him point blank that Desdemona is cheating on him. Othello demands proof and Iago promises to give him some. Then Iago swears that he will help Othello revenge himself on Desdemona.

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