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How does Iago manipulate those around him?

How does Iago manipulate those around him?

Iago manipulates the other characters of Othello by preying on and triggering their individual doubts and insecurities. He implies to Othello that his wife, Desdemona, is having an affair with Cassio, but, importantly, he makes his implications sound hesitant so that Othello is more inclined to believe him.

What motive does Iago have for killing Roderigo?

Why does Iago say he wished to kill Roderigo? What reason does he Give Othello for not killing him? Iago says he wished he’d kill Rodrigo so he could have defended Othello’s marriage and honor. He says he could not have killed him because he lacked the wickedness.

Who does Iago tell Roderigo to kill?


What position does Iago hold?


Does Iago confess in the end?

Does Iago confess in the end? Othello is not convinced of his folly until Iago confesses his part, and Cassio speaks of the use of the handkerchief; then, Othello is overcome with grief. Othello stabs Iago when he is brought back in; Othello then tells all present to remember him how he is, and kills himself.

What is manipulation mean?

to manage or influence skillfully, especially in an unfair manner: to manipulate people’s feelings. to handle, manage, or use, especially with skill, in some process of treatment or performance: to manipulate a large tractor. to adapt or change (accounts, figures, etc.) to suit one’s purpose or advantage.

Did Iago kill Cassio?

Iago then withdraws himself, although Roderigo asks him not to go too far in case he needs help killing Cassio. Cassio enters, and Roderigo stabs at him but fails to pierce Cassio’s armor. Iago darts out in the commotion, stabs Cassio in the leg, and exits. Not knowing who has stabbed him, Cassio falls.

What rank does Iago begrudgingly hold?


What rank does Iago begrudgingly hold? Ensign
From whom did Desdemona first hear the “song of ‘Willow’”? Her mother’s maid, Barbary
What epithet is most commonly applied to Iago throughout the play? honest
Whose death does Graziano report in the final scene? Brabanzio’s

Why does Iago succeed in manipulating Othello?

Iago makes others, especially Othello believe he is honest and loyal which makes him able to deceive Othello more readily. Iago manipulates Othello by taking advantage of Othello’s naturally jealousy and belief that he is not worthy of Desdemona.

Who does Iago call the true general?


What is Othello’s tragic flaw?

Othello is about as near as Shakespeare gets to classical tragedy. His downfall becomes his own doing, and he is no longer, as in classical tragedy, the helpless victim of fate. Some say that Othello’s tragic flaw was jealousy which flared at suspicion and rushed into action unchecked by calm common sense.

How old is Iago?


Why did Iago want to kill Cassio?

He knows that if Roderigo lives, he will “call me to a restitution large of gold and jewels I bobb’d (stole) from him as gifts to Desdemona.” Iago also reveals in this speech that he wants Cassio dead because he has a “beauty” in his life (an integrity) that makes Iago look inferior in comparison.

How does Iago convince Roderigo to kill Cassio?

Iago, however, just praises Roderigo for his boldness and tells him he needs to kill Cassio if he wants to take his place in Desdemona’s bed. Once again, Roderigo is persuaded. 5.1 Roderigo tries to kill Cassio and fails, so Iago stabs and kills Roderigo. This way, he won’t be able to betray their scheming.

How does Iago suggest Othello kill Desdemona?

Othello will be driven mad, thinking that Cassio is joking with Iago about Desdemona. He suggests that he will poison his wife, but Iago advises him to strangle her in the bed that she contaminated through her infidelity. Iago also promises to arrange Cassio’s death.

Why is Othello easily manipulated?

Othello’s main flaw was that he trusted people too much which led him to believe things that never happened. Iago knows about Othello’s trust in people and his need to show his “greatness” because he is black, which makes Othello open to manipulation.

How does Iago manipulate?

Iago skilfully exploits Othello through his dexterous use of words. While early in the action, Othello refuses to believe Iago’s claims about Desdemona and Cassio, Iago manages to overpower Othello and deceive him. Iago’s manipulation of Othello is effective through his expression of his words. Iago exclaims, “Ha!

Why does Othello think Cassio is crying out?

Why does Othello think Cassio is crying out? Iago is murdering him. Roderigo is beating him. He is about to kill himself.

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