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How much money did Roger Federer make in 2007?

How much money did Roger Federer make in 2007?

2007 Roger Federer tennis season

Calendar prize money $10,130,620
Season record 68–9 (88.3%)
Calendar titles 8
Year-end ranking No. 1

Who is the best tennis player in the world 2015?

Men’s Tennis ATP Rankings 2015

1 N. Djokovic 16,585
2 A. Murray 8,945
3 R. Federer 8,265
4 S. Wawrinka 6,865

What male tennis player has won the most prize money?

ATP Career Earnings

Player Earnings
1 Djokovic Novak Djokovic $154,756,726
2 Federer Roger Federer $130,594,339
3 Nadal Rafael Nadal $127,121,385

What does Federer pay Gillette?

Gillette – As a part of its three-year “Gillette Champions” marketing campaign, Gillette roped in Roger Federer as a global brand ambassador in 2007. The deal earned him US$3 million a year.

How much has Serena Williams won in prize money?

Serena has won a whopping $90million in prize money during her career. The figure is twice as much as any other female athlete has made. The tennis star has 20 corporate partners and has investments in 66 startups through Serena Ventures.

Who beat Djokovic in 2015?

Stan Wawrinka
Stan Wawrinka defeated Novak Djokovic in the final, 4–6, 6–4, 6–3, 6–4 to win the men’s singles tennis title at the 2015 French Open. It was Wawrinka’s second major title. As he did when he won the 2014 Australian Open, Wawrinka defeated the world No. 1 and world No.

Which tennis player has made the most money?

Novak Djokovic is the career leader in prize money earnings on the ATP tennis World Tour. With more than 153 million U.S. dollars in prize money earnings, he is only one of three players who have made more than 100 million U.S. dollars from prize money in men’s professional tennis.

Who is the richest tennis player in the world 2020?

Net Worth: $2 Billion Romanian businessman and former professional tennis player, Ion Tiriac takes the title of the richest tennis player in the world.

How much is salary does Roger Federer get a year?

Roger Federer made history in a new way on Tuesday when he became the first tennis player to top Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes. Forbes estimated Federer’s annual earnings at $106.3 million. The Swiss just edged football stars Cristiano Ronaldo ($105m) and Lionel Messi ($104m), who were the only other athletes to surpass the $100m

How much money has Roger Federer won in his career?

The biggest prize in his stable is Japanese apparel brand Uniqlo, which locked him up in 2018 under a ten-year, $300 million deal. Federer has won $130 million in prize money in his career, but the total is dwarfed by his off-court earnings from appearances and endorsements.

Is Roger Federer better than Serena Williams?

They now approach Wimbledon with a better outlook. Serena Williams (L) and Roger Federer (R) both exited the French Open on Sunday but in different fashion. AP There are couple of parallels between two of the best players that tennis has ever seen in Serena Williams and Roger Federer.

How much is Roger Federer paying his new coach?

“Roger Federer is in the recovery phase, I would say that things are going in the best way,” Ivan Ljubicic said. “He trains more and more and better, I’m curious to see how much we can push in

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