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What level does Cyndaquil evolve in Pokemon Gold?

What level does Cyndaquil evolve in Pokémon Gold?

It evolves into Quilava starting at level 14 (Generations II to VII, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl) or level 17 (Legends: Arceus), which evolves into Typhlosion starting at level 36.

What moves does Cyndaquil learn in gold?

Moves learnt by level up

Lv. Move Type
6 SmokeScreen Normal
12 Ember Fire
19 Quick Attack Normal
27 Flame Wheel Fire

Is Cyndaquil a diamond?

Cyndaquil is a Pokemon available in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP).

When should I evolve Cyndaquil?

When your Cyndaquil reaches level 17, go into your Satchel and click on it. You should have the option to evolve it, and Cyndaquil will become Quilava. The next step is to evolve it into Typhlosion.

Is Cyndaquil cute?

Pokémon Starters Ranked By Cuteness: Cyndaquil When battling or upset, it can spout flame from its back. Cyndaquil eventually sheds its cute appearance to become the powerful Fire-type Pokémon Typhlosion.

Is Cyndaquil a porcupine?

Though it is called the Fire Mouse Pokémon, Cyndaquil bears a closer resemblance to the echidna, porcupine or hedgehog than the mouse.

Is Cyndaquil a special or physical attacker?

A vast majority of Cyndaquil and its evolutions’ Fire-type attacks are Special, and as such, Cyndaquil will benefit the most from having a Modest nature.

Where can I get chikorita BDSP?

Chikorita can be found in any grass Hideaways. The special rooms look like green squares on your map. After locating the right room, enter it and look for the Johto ‘mon. If you don’t see it, exit and re-enter.

Does Cyndaquil evolve in Pokémon?

QuilavaCyndaquil / Evolves to

Does Cyndaquil ever have its eyes open?

Cyndaquil was one of three Pokemon that trainers could choose from at the beginning of Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal. No one knows if their eyes are open. (Pokemon Gold & Silver 10/10) In Brawl, Cyndaquil did not return as a Poké Ball Pokémon, but still appears as a trophy.

What moves does Cyndaquil learn?


  • Emboar.
  • Incineroar.
  • Cinderace.
  • Blaziken.
  • Typhlosion.
  • Infernape.
  • Charizard.
  • What level does Cyndaquil learn Ember?

    Typhlosion learns Flamethrower at level 60; Cyndaquil learns it at 46 (and, IIRC, it doesn’t take as much XP to level up, so you’ll be getting earlier level-wise *and* time-wise). Inside Burt Gummer is an Ork. The Ork is not trying to get out. It’s damned happy to be there. Hinamizawa: Where killing your friends is always the answer.

    What does Cyndaquil evolve into?

    Cyndaquil evolves into its first evolution, Quilava, at level 14. Quilava then evolves into Typhlosion at level 36. Both of these Evolutions are extremely powerful Fire-types.

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