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Where can you scuba dive and touch two continents?

Where can you scuba dive and touch two continents?

The Geology of Silfra The diving and snorkeling site at Silfra is right where the two continents meet and drift apart about 2 cm per year. Silfra is the only place in the world where you can dive or snorkel directly in a crack between two tectonic plates.

Can you touch 2 continents at once?

The Only Place On Earth Where Divers Can Touch Two Continents At Once. As Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Once you are around 200 feet underwater, you can touch the Eurasian and North American continents at the same time.

Where can you touch 2 continents at the same time?

Silfra fissure
It’s a bit chilly, but the Silfra fissure in Iceland boasts some of the clearest, most pure water in the world, making it one epic dive.

Where can a person touch two tectonic plates at the same time?

The Silfra fissure in Iceland is the crack between North America and Europe. It is the only place in the world where you can swim between two tectonic plates. An icon in the shape of a lightning bolt.

Where is the clearest water in Iceland?

Silfra, also known as “The Rift,” is home to astonishingly clear waters — some say the clearest in the world. The water is fed by glaciers and keeps to a temperature of about 2 degrees C (34 F), even in May.

Is snorkeling in Silfra worth it?

At first, it might not sound appealing to go snorkeling in Iceland, but it’s a unique experience you don’t want to miss during your trip to Iceland. Silfra snorkeling is cold but so worth it. And luckily you get to wear a dry suit and other gear to keep you warm.

Do the continents float?

The continents do not float on a sea of molten rock. The continental and oceanic crusts sit on a thick layer of solid rock known as the mantle. Though solid, this layer is weak and ductile enough to slowly flow under heat convection, causing the tectonic plates to move.

Can you go under a continent?

The answer is no. In other word, no, you can’t swim under them.

Can you touch Europe and Asia at the same time?

Istanbul is one of the few cities in the world to be shared by two continents. Examples of other cities that are half-European and half-Asian include the Russian cities of Orenburg and Magnitogorsk, and Atyrau, a city in western Kazakhstan.

Why do scuba divers enjoy diving along the continental shelf?

The Earth’s crust under the oceans is made of different parts. The shallowest part of the ocean is the continental shelf. That’s where the oceans meet the dry land. The shelves go down about 200 feet and are the favorite places for scuba divers to explore.

Can you drink Silfra water?

The water in Silfra is as pure as water can get: meaning that you can drink it at any time during the dive! Swim in the gap between Europe and North America in crystal-clear water.

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